Steam Deck Verified Games

updated occasionally, data pulled from SteamDB

(until Valve adds this to Steam)

sorry, my scripts are broken, and I've been busy with other cool stuff, so this hasn't been updated in a while
I recommend checking Steam or SteamDB directly for now

Valve has started adding the Steam Deck Verified status to some games on Steam. These results are now visible on the Steam store, but in some cases this website's format might be easier to view.

This data was last fetched from SteamDB on Tuesday, March 15th. To check if there have been more recent updates, you can access SteamDB directly.

More info about this website

Where is this data from?

The data was pulled from this page on SteamDB.

It looks like the list hasn't been updated for a while.

Try clearing your cache and refreshing with Ctrl + F5. If it looks the same, it probably just hasn't been updated yet. Try checking Steam or SteamDB directly.

How often is this data updated?

I run a script that updates this website approximately once per day. It might be more/less depending on how many games were (or weren't) tested.

I didn't automate this because SteamDB doesn't allow people to scrape their website, and because this website was supposed to be fairly temporary, so getting the changes directly from Steam was more effort than I wanted to put in.

SteamDB has a user-facing page (linked above) that gives me all the information for the list below on one page. That combined with the fact that I'm only updating this site about once per day makes me comfortable that I'm not putting any additional load on SteamDB.

Where can I see your janky script?

idk why you want this, but all the code is at

Contact info is available on my homepage at

Hacked together by Avery <3

Total # of games tested: 2000 # of verified games: 662 # of playable games: 587 # of unsupported games: 751